Application Process

Procedure of application & Registration
Application forms may be obtained from the office of the academic Registrar on payment of the stipulated non-refundable fee payable to MCCA by cash or draft or application forms can be downloaded from our Website:

A certificate obtained after 2 years of post UCE study
  • Any equivalent qualifications besides UCE & UACE
Upgrading Entry scheme
  • A certificate equivalent to UCE
  • A certificate equivalent to UACE
Special Arts & Design requirements
  • Besides the above general admission requirements, there are special fine art requirements which a candidate must fulfill to gain admission to art & design programmes.
  • The minimum period for the Diploma shall be two years.
  • The minimum period for the certificate shall be one year
  • The minimum period for the Creative Art Skills development shall be between six months and one year
When to apply
Applications for Diploma and certificate programmes can be submitted before the beginning of every semester. (March or August intakes).+-


Once a candidate has been admitted he/she must complete the registration form, which is attached to the letter of admission. A student is required to register within the first three weeks of the semester or quarter on presentation of original academic documents & evidence of full payment.