Faculty Heads

The office coordinates the activities of the faculty of Art & Design through the faculty head assisted by a Secretary.

The staff in this faculty is;
  • Head of faculty
  • Faculty Secretary
  • Lecturers of Drawing & painting
  • Lecturers of Sculpture
  • Lecturers of Ceramics
  • Lecturers of Graphics & computer studies
  • Lecturers of Multimedia Crafts
  • Lecturers of History and application of Arts
  • Lecturers of textile design
  • Lecturers of Development studies
  • Lecturers of marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Lecturers of Creative Arts Research studies

The faculty of Creative Arts and Design at MCCA focus on the following elements. Creative Commercial Arts which constitutes those programmes which by their nature have a direct commercial clientele in the world of work.

And the element of Graphic communication Design caters for practicing artists who wish to acquire unique knowledge, skills and techniques in advertising design, marketing and promotional strategies and managing brand identities using both manual graphics and computer graphics innovative technology. The component of clothing and textile design caters for those interested in acquiring, skills, knowledge and techniques in clothing, fashion and textile design.

Programmes offered by the MCCA faculty of Creative Art and Design
The faculty offers 3 major programmes like certificate programme, Diploma programme and Foundation Studies in Art and Design skills programme.