Faculty of Information and Communication Technology

The faculty of ICT is the second newly born faculty of MCCA, it is growing day by day at the college and it aims to be the leading provider of Vocational ICT Training Services In Uganda. The faculty has been initiated in 2016 based on the feasibility studies conducted by MCCA in the past years. This faculty was founded & rooted on a firm foundation of a holistic curriculum which aims at breadging agape in the ICT Education sector in Uganda.

With the global changing demands and needs, the ICT training and education at MCCA shall focus on the vocational ICT mind on area and possible future so that the thrust of one’s creativity and innovativeness.
The faculty is missioned to provide and apply know ledge, skills and techniques through creative hands on ICT relevant to sustainable development of the society.

The faculty is visioned to be a leading centre of excellence in Vocational ICT through hands on ICT teaching, learning, research, and publication for sustainable development of society.

The faculty of ICT at MCCA focus on the following elements. Creative Information Technology and Computer science which constitutes those programmes which by their nature have a direct commercial clientele in the world of work. Currently the faculty offers 3 major programmes like certificate programme, Diploma programme and Professional Studies in ICT skills programme.

Certificate in ICT

This is a very holistic competitive one year programme designed to build a very strong foundation in furthering with ICT studies. The programme is made up of three terms (Quarter) and its structured as shown below:
Structure of a certificate in ICT
Teamster 1Introduction to ICTHuman Computer InteractionInformation securityNetwork securityDatabasesSystem analysis and designComputer Application 1
Teamster 2Information systems fundamentalsSystem administrationComputer networks and data communicationStructured programmingObject oriented programmingOperating systemsComputer Application 2
Teamster 3Software engineeringSocial and professional issues in computingComputer organization and maintenanceInformation systems managementDistributed and Mobile computingICT entrepreneurshipComputer Application 3

Soon the Faculty of ICT will introduce the Diploma programs as follow:
-Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)- Full time – 2Yrs NEW –COMING SOON
-Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)- Full time – 2Yrs NEW –COMING SOON