Why study at MCCAK

The College Campus

Michelangelo college of creative Arts, is situate 15 miles in Kisubi Mission village along the Kampala-Entebbe road. It owns over 15 acres of land on which administrative, Lecture & studio buildings and other facilities are situated. These include; Library, Art Gallery, ICT centre, lecture halls, Studios and students hostels. The college is in process of establishing Art study centres and Art training workshops throughout the country.


There are college private hostels known as Sophia hostels for female students. In addition, there are private students’ hostels both for male and female students; the hostels are associated and recommended by the college (MCCA).
The Dean of students works hand in hand with both the students and the hostel custodians and private hostel owners or managers to ensure good accommodation facilities for the college students.

MCCA Students Guild

The students Guild is the body of all students of the college. It is governed by a guild president, vice guild president, Guild speaker and other council members. The Guild seeks to promote the general welfare of students in all aspects of life at the college. Students pay Guild fee to facilitate the students guild activities.

Students Health Services

The college works hand in hand with two hospitals i.e Kisubi Hospital and Entebbe Grade B Hospital which are in the distance of less than 5 minute drive from the main campus.

College Religious life

Whereas the college is a Catholic founded institution, students have freedom of worship. Every Tuesdays we celebrate the Eucharist at the college. However, 5 days of the week are considered working days for purposes of lectures and examinations.

MCCA Art Gallery

Michelangelo College of Creative Arts has an Art Gallery situated at the second floor of the Administration Block with a variety of students & staff work on display, where some of wh, Kampala Entebbe Highway.

MCCA Art Stationery shop

The college has a stationery shop where the MCCA community and visitors can buy a variety of Art materials and stationery items.

MCCA Postal, Telephone and Internet Services

There are postal, telephone, email and fax facilities within the college and its neighborhood. Students are also free to acquire their own mobile telephones, mobile money and internet services.

The College canteen

There is a two college canteens where meals & drinks are served at modest charges. In addition there are other eating & recreational places in the neighborhoods of the college.

MCCA Sports & Recreation

The college owns facilities & offers opportunities in a wide range of sports and recreations. These include play grounds for football, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, and other indoor games. Other recreational activities includes both social and academic clubs, social activities, music festivals, cultural events and Art exhibitions.

Students normally take part in these activities from 5:00p.m to 7:00p.m during week days and from 8:00a.m to 6:00p.m on weekends. The College sports teams have participated in both community & national games.



  • To establish an academy of Art and design where the trainees artists can be trained and mentored to identity & develop their inner talents in various fields of art and design industry.
  • To create job opportunities in art and design industry for the young artists who would otherwise be doing nothing and there by ruining their lives
  • To organize artists to associate in order to promote their artwork through art partnerships and cooperatives.
  • To generate and motivate the spirit of self reliance by equipping trainees with necessary unique knowledge, skills and techniques in creative art and design incorporating modern and indigenous crafts
  • To enable trainees to recognize their potential as artists by equipping them not only with skills from creative art and design but with practical knowledge ,skills and techniques in vocational entrepreneurship and other crosscutting of related disciplines